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Club News

ASCO News and Information March 2016


The winter league is almost completed. Well done to everyone who have played, contributed and supported. We maintained our positions in the leagues and are in the top half of every league we entered and should finish with team promotions and winners in some leagues.


TRAINING we will be reverting back to training times of 9.30am -12.30pm

Due to Easter the next training session will be on Sunday 17th April.

9.30-11.00am year 8,7,6,5 & 4

11.00-12.30 year 9, 10 11

We will therefore expecting girls to turn up.


Summer league

The summer league will start on Tuesday 12th April for those involved in the adult leagues.


The junior summer league will start Thursday 21st April. Please let your team manager know if you are not available on Thursdays. It will therefore be imperative that those wishing to play are at training on 17th April when teams will be chosen to play.


Year 4,5,6 matches will be played between 5.00pm and 6.00pm. Year 7,8,9 games will be played between7.00pm and 9.30pm



We will be entering the following tournaments and may be a couple more but we have not had the invitations as yet. Unfortunately this year several of the tournaments we normally enter are on the same day (4 on 21st May ) We will go to Tegate which is normally in June and the Chelmnsford tournament but their dates are not out yet



  • 14TH May Cranfield U 12,13,14,15,16
  • 21st Turnford U10,11,12
  • 22ND CD Phoenix U13,14,16

June 18th

  • Turnford U13,14,15 & 16

July 2nd

  • Pontins U14,U15



Please see Jayne if you need to order kit.

Payment must be made at time of order. If you have paid for kit and not received it you also need to see Jayne .


If you have borrowed kit please return it as we need the spare kit for new players until they buy their own.

If you need to buy a dress, they are made to order so you will need to give your measurement to Jayne.


Can girls please wear ASCO kit at matches.

We are about promoting the club when we play as ASCO Please order a sweat shirt if you do not have one


Track suit bottoms can be bought from Netball uk (gilbert bottoms) 0161 6263936 / 0161 7859005



Second half payments are due. If you have not paid or in arrears with payment can you please arrange payment to enable you to play in the summer league. Funds are needed to pay for the summer and next winter league which we have to pay up front with junior league up to £95 per team and teams in the adult leagues paying £100 to £120 per team as well as other costs we do need the money to cover these.



Can you respond promptly to team managers texts regarding availability to play. Everyone was given fixture list in September if you do not have one please ask for one so you can see when your games are and inform us when you will not be able to play.




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